We welcome exchange students to Snellman University College!

Are you studying to become a Steiner Waldorf teacher in a country other than Finland? We welcome exchange students to study at Snellman University College! Please contact our office, info(at)s-k.fi, and we will plan a study programme that suits you. Once you have been accepted as a student, our office will also provide you with guidance on how to apply for student benefits to get student discounts in Finland. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the visa application process if you need a visa to enter Finland. For your own institution, you will receive a Letter of Invitation in which we will record your study plan.


Tuition fees are based on the number of credits planned to be completed as follows:

  • Over 40 ECTS per year = 40e/ECTS
  • 20-39 ECTS per year = 46e/ECTS
  • 10-19 ECTS per year=48e/ECTS
  • 1-9 ECTS per year=50e/ECTS

Teacher qualifications in Finland

If you are planning to complete the entire Steiner teacher training in Finland and work as a teacher in a Steiner school in Finland, you will need the qualification that comes with the degree. The studies at Snellman University College provide the qualification to work as a teacher in a Steiner school or kidergarten. If you have other qualifications from outside Finland, you can apply for recognition from the Finnish National Board of Education.

Language requirements for applying for Steiner Waldorf teacher training program at Snellman University College

If you want to study for a teacher qualification at a Steiner school or kindergarten and you want to be qualified to work as a Steiner Waldorf teacher in Finland, a teacher who teaches basic education or pre-primary education must have excellent oral and written skills in the language of instruction in the school. (See the decree on language requirements for teachers here, in Finnish or Swedish.) If you have not studied for a Finnish qualification before, you must prove your language proficiency with a National Certificate of Language Proficiency. If you are not sure whether your language skills are sufficient for your studies, contact our office and we will help you with your questions.

What can you study at Snellman University College?

As an institution of liberal education, all studies organised by Snellman University College are liberal studies as defined by the Liberal Education Act. However, the Ministry of Education has defined the special task of the Snellman University College as the organisation of teacher training in Steiner pedagogy. Teacher training at the Snellman University College is, in line with university teacher training, aimed at the professional qualification and expertise of a teacher of general education and pre-school education – and is therefore university-type and meets the teacher qualification requirements laid down in the regulation.

The educational philosophy of the teacher training courses at Snellman University College is based on the holistic, Steiner pedagogical concept of the human view.

At present, students can study at Snellman University College

1) Studies leading to a qualification awarded by the Finnish National Board of Education:   

  • Steiner Waldorf class teacher training 280-300 credits   
  • Steiner Waldorf art teacher training 300 credits (no application 2024)
  • Steiner Waldorf eurythmy teacher training 240 credits 

2) Studies leading to qualification in accordance with the Early Childhood Education Act (540/2018, § 26):  

  • Steiner Waldorf kindergarten teacher and pre-primary teacher training 240 credits, also as multi-modal training alongside work.    

3) Studies in liberal adult education of various scopes:  

  • Foundation studies in Steiner pedagogy as day and weekend studies 60 credits  
  • Speech and drama pedagogy 240 credits in, 240 credits in daytime (no application 2024)
  • Goethean arts 60-180 credits   (no application 2024)
  • Further pedagogical training for teachers of eurythmic 60 credits  
  • Familiarisation with Steiner pedagogical early childhood education 60 credits   
  • 25 credits for class teachers and subject teachers, which can be tailored to individual training needs, contact info@s-k.fi 

See also short courses!  

We are happy to help you with your questions and welcome you to study at Snellman University College. 

Contact: info(at)s-k.fi


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