Elements of architecture

Course description In this course we will approach architecture through some of its key elements like the wall, the door, the window and the facade. This will enable us to move closer to the subject, a specific building, without losing sight of the bigger picture. We will work across history, cultures and styles and learn through comparisons. The classes will be structured around lectures, artistic research, and sharing of knowledge. The students will be reading and exploring buildings through artistic means.

Missä: Snellman-korkeakoulu, Puuskakuja 14, 00850 HELSINKI

Kenelle: Welcome anyone interested in architecture and art history or design, as well as those who teach the subject.

November 14–17, 2022 11:00–12:30 am; 13:30–15:00 pm

Hinta: 288e 

Kurssin opettaja: Johannes Nilo, born 1973 in Järna, Sweden. He studied Painting, as well as Russian, History of Religion, and Philosophy in Stockholm, Moscow and Heidelberg. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Russian from the Stockholm University and a Master Degree in Philosophy and Art History from the University Basel. 2002-2006 he conducted a research project on Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the Soul at the Friedrich von Hardenberg Institute, Heidelberg. Since 2006 he has been based in Switzerland where he worked as a research assistant at Forschungsstelle Kulturimpuls (2006-2013), as editor at Rudolf Steiner-Archive (2008-2011), and as the director of Goetheanum Dokumentation: Archive, Library, Art Collection (2011- 2018). Since 2019 he is working as a freelance curator (exhibition making, archiving, writing).

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